Posted by: donnakarlin | December 30, 2007

Choices for 2008

A good friend of mine told me a while back that if I couldn’t articulate in my mind what it was I wanted for my life I would never get it.  She was right.  It’s not that I don’t know what I want for my life even though most of us can articulate what we don’t want a lot easier than what we do want.  Once we say it, think it, or write it down, it’s tangible…it’s out there, and we can no longer ignore it. 


It’s not a matter of being self-centered.  It’s saying I will no longer settle for what comes my way.  I want to choose. 


So for the new year I’m making choices and putting them out there so they’re real and I can’t ignore them.  Besides which, there are too many people in my life who will call me on it….so here goes…  


  • I will no longer do things out of obligation but by choice

  • I won’t do what’s expected of me if it goes against my fundamental values or personal ethics. 

  • I recognize people will make their own choices but in order for them to do that, they’ll need to know where I stand too. I can’t expect them to read my mind or my heart.

  • I will make a point of learning something new every day, mostly from other people’s experiences as through their stories, my world opens up too


I know there will be quite a few more but for now, this is a good start.   I have a feeling this is going to be one amazing year for us all. 


I shared this a ways back but I think it’s fitting for this post so will share it again….


“How we dream is what gives our lives value.  How we choose to live is what determines whether our dreams have value.  I believe we each carry a dream of a life we were born to realize which shows up through desire.  And I believe that we all have the ability to realize our personal and professional dreams if we commit ourselves to not settling for anything less than what we really want.  It is when we move toward our passions that we experience our own greatness and it is then an incredible contribution to ourselves and to the world is made by being who we truly are”. – Donna Karlin 


All the best for 2008 and beyond.  May it bring you the realization of your dreams and then some!

Donna K 



  1. Great entry. I couldn’t agree more. We, women, have spent much of our lives “settling” and also being there for others. It’s time, now, to be there for ourselves and to surround ourselves with the best. I have 3 simple rules: 1. Stop doing what you don’t want to do, 2.Start doing what you want and 3. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade and tell you that you can’t do it. My favorite quote:
    “Everytime you deny yourself, a little piece of your spirit dies.” (unknown.) Have a wonderful year.

  2. Ann…that is awesome! I love the “Don’t let anyone rain on your parade”.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this.


  3. I redid my favorite values and traits test this year and found that my number 2 trait is now assertiveness. Wow!

    I was shocked. What incredible progress I’ve made over the past few years. I feel powerful in my assertiveness.

    And my number 1 trait? It’s called ’cause motivated’ which means the tendency to be motivated to help society. I know that the only reason this can be number 1 now is because I have assertiveness as number 2. That’s the power of the paradox.

  4. “The power of the paradox” I love that Angela. It is very powerful. It’s when we get stuck on the shoulds in our lives and think we have to be one way, focus on one end result that gets us into trouble. Thing is, as we grow and evolve, we change, everything around us changes, and our insights and perspectives change. How in the world can we ever think we can stay constant?

  5. To me, one of the joys in life is wanting, doing, experiencing things that appear to be diametrically opposed. The joy comes from findidng wasy for these opposites to co-exist – or perhaps even join hands – to create a rich, complex life.

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