Posted by: donnakarlin | November 7, 2007

The Non-Juggling Challenge

Friend, colleague and overall partner in crime Donna Steinhorn posed a great challenge (for herself and of course indirectly to all who read her blog) that looks at

If it’s not on my schedule, I probably won’t get to it.

Her blog can be found at and I urge you to read and take stock of where you’re at in relation to her post.

Makes me think about juggling.  Having all these balls in the air, well I know I’m going to drop a few along the way.  It’s a paradigm shift for me.  I am always doing so many things that I have to do a reality check and make sure nothing is falling through the cracks.

Recently I started clarifying what I want in my life and career and have been rethinking how I’m going to be doing a lot of my work in the future.  I’m no longer thinking locally as much of my work is global, whether through think tanks, international organizations or through my writing.  I know I cannot keep the pace up that I’m working at right now and in order to make sure my life isn’t compromised I have to make sure I draw the line between work and play.

Thing is, what I do is such a joy and so much fun that line is hard to define.

So I’m going to ask you, my friends and readers alike to challenge me as to whether or not I’m keeping that balance.  It’s not a balance based on how you define it.  I want to make that clear as I truly feel we all have different ways to define what balance means to each of us, but to make sure even in my world that I remember to slow down to the speed of life more often than not.

And for those of you who are forgetting about life and all the richness it brings, I invite you to join me and create that space for life.

With deepest respect to Donna and all of you who are in this for life

Donna Karlin



  1. You are officially challenged to make appointments with yourself and to honor them first. I can hear you giving this advise to your clients, as you recently reminded me to do with one of mine. Are you modeling what you teach? Easier said than done – and having challenged you, I’ll need to do this myself!

  2. I am making appointments with myself and keeping them. I’m kinda proud of myself actually. I keep 6 days a month for creative and for play. If for some reason a client has to reschedule, and in the political world that happens a lot, I give them one of the 6 days but the day I switched for becomes my play day so I always have my 6. Works beautifully and I not only maintain flexibility with them but keep those days for me. Win win!

    Took me forever to be able to figure that out but it finally clicked. I’ll remember this challenge and make sure I don’t forget to hold those days sacred.

    Thanks Susan!

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