Posted by: susanrmeyer | September 18, 2007

Autumn Leaves


Every year, the trees shed their leaves in preparation for renewal. For many of us, this is accompanied by an profusion of color that requires continuous admiration. Every year, the trees trust that the Universe will do its part and new leaves will bud and open, creating marvelous green umbrellas.

What do you need to shed? What surprising renewals await you?



  1. Thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I just noticed it on Technorati. It made my day 🙂 .

  2. I’m not so sure the word I would use is shed. More change some of the ebb and flow of my life to open up more ’empty space’ within which to enjoy spectacular scenes like in your picture and let the peace of the world in.

    Sometimes as a Coach I am so busy partnering with people to change the world one person, one organization at a time, that I don’t take time for me.

    And as fall approaches, and leaves don’t wait to fall until I’m ready to witness that, I will be taking the time. Thanks Susan for the wake-up reminder.

  3. I recently wrote a blog entitled “Reasons to Love Fall” and the last line was: New Beginnings. It takes me back to when I was in school – elementary, high school, college and just the rush of excitement and anticipation that the season offers. New clothes, new shoes, new classes, new people. The first 2 years after I graduated college were tough – fall came and I was…at work. I felt sad like I was missing out on the renewal, the new beginnings. So now each fall I look at ways to better myself – this year, I planned some trips (New England!), am joining a gym after a summer hiatus, attending some local harvest festivals. I’m even in the garden planting and decorating for autumn again.

  4. I live in the sub-tropics now, so I like tropical plants. I feel comfortable letting the new leaves bud, then grow, and as they gain their prime the old leaves give up their energy to the stem, then whither and fall.

    In other words, I don’t dare drop my core business even as I grow new ones!

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  6. sprouting of new leaves are the same as chances and oppurtunities of our lives. I always stumbled and almost…discouraged but i never look down and view that life is unfair that we need to end it. Instead, there are more lights ahead from us…and hopes…to lingered…

  7. What a lovely comment, roxan. Thank you for this poetic moment.

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