Posted by: susanrmeyer | September 5, 2007



Although geography isn’t a cure, surroundings can have a profound effect on us. They can be transformative. Watching these women and their dogs on the beach created an oasis of calm and joy in the middle of a conference.

What works for you? What surroundings will you need to support your life choices? I’ve been spending more time traveling this year and find that I’m increasingly drawn to quieter places than my New York City home. On the other hand, a friend exchanged her peaceful suburban life for mid-town Manhattan when she retired. While I find that, after 40+ years, I’d like a break from the hustle and bustle, she’s found all this activity energizing.

Autumn in the country makes me happy. Sunsets, fireflies, shooting stars, snowdrifts are all sources of inspiration. I’d rather listen to the birds in the morning than most concerts. Peace is becoming more of a priority for me.

What do you need? As I get ready to relocate for the next phase of my life, I’m making lists of what I want, what I need and what I can’t live with. And I’m testing out a variety of locations. Do you want to be in one place, or like me, will you want to be in multiple locations? Will you buy, rent, or visit? How much space do you need? Ciji Ware writes about Rightsizing Your Life.

These are questions to revisit every decade or so. You may always come to the same conclusions – or you may want different surroundings at different points in your life. Who – and what – will you want to be near? Family? Friends? Good medical care? Theater? Museums? Movies? Your answers may change. When they do, perhaps geography is a cure after all.


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