Posted by: susanrmeyer | August 29, 2007


A segment on the Today show caught my attention this morning. As part of a Where Are They Now segment, Ann Curry re-interviewed a young woman who had hiccups for over five weeks. They just went away. No one knows why. During the whole ordeal, though, Jennifer Mee seemed to remain calm.

Yesterday, the Today show addressed a different kind of hiccup by offering Caitlin Upton a do-over. She’s Miss Teen South Carolina and her answer to a question about why US citizens couldn’t find the USA on a map was an unbelievable word salad. She just froze. Despite being splashed all over YouTube and the Tonight Show, Caitlin’s attitude was one of calm acceptance.

What do these two young women have in common? Life is full of hiccups. Frustrations. Bumps in the road. Here are two women who handled their hiccups beautifully. They just sort of said, “oh, well!” and took it in stride. Ben Zander, author of The Art of Possibility would throw his arms in the air, and, with a broad grin, say, “How fascinating!”

Louisa May Alcott said, “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

How do you handle life’s hiccups?



  1. How do I handle hiccups? By being surrounded by special people like my friends here to remind me now and then what is truly important in life…the people in my life. And because I’m so blessed with that, the rest of the hiccups aren’t so bumpy

  2. Also in the news this week is the story of a young woman in Edmonton, Alberta who had her artificial heart removed. Melissa Mills, 15, had a “Berlin Heart” installed, a year ago, after a virus left her heart so enlarged it wouldn’t pump. Its job was to keep her going until a heart transplant became available.

    But her own heart kept trying to do its job and doctors were able to remove the artificial device and the tubes and pumps that accompanied it.

    This story of a physical heart recovering reminds us that our other heart, the one that pumps emotional energy, can also heal – especially if, like Melissa’s, it has a little help from the outside – acts of love and friendship by the people in our lives.

  3. Like Donna, the people and things I’m grateful for keep me from getting too far into my drama. I find myself remembering one of my favorite books, The Art of Possibility by the Zanders, who write about Rule #6- Don’t take yourself so goddamn serious. So when those hiccups come along and I can catch myself, I’m reminded to “lighten up” and celebrate all the good I have mades everything a whole lot easier.

  4. Many years ago when I started on my training, my mentor Jim encouraged me to write a blessing list. I morphed it over the years and changed it to the “What I love” list. The blessing list was about my talents, strengths, people in my life, etc. The Things I Love List is about everything from a clear fall day to the sound of my son’s laughter, to stimulating conversations …and so on.

    Over the years that list has grown to huge proportions. All I have to do is look at that list, either list for that matter to realize how lucky I am.

    When I was going through a particularly rough patch in my life, one of my dear friends (on my Blessing list : ) told me to celebrate the tears because if I didn’t have them and couldn’t cry, THEN I would have something to worry about. Tears and sadness also meant feeling.

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