Posted by: donnakarlin | August 10, 2007

Writers Get To Live Life Twice

I came across the quote “Writers get to live life twice” by Anne Lamott.  It brought to mind something a client said a while back and that is “Working with you is like living my day twice, only this time with an unbiased, non-judgmental observer”

What would our lives look like if we did more self-shadowing or observation from a perspective of the truth of where our lives are rather than a filtered version we sometimes create for ourselves to ‘make things better?’

Just a ‘wondering’, as I call it that came to mind. 

If we were that much more aware of ourselves and the impact we could have in this world, might we not be living our lives and spending time somewhat differently?

Life can become a balancing act, a delicate one….a dance of sorts.  As we embrace our uniqueness and creativity, so does the dance become energized and enthused.  The impact on all those around us can be contagious in an optimistic kind of way.  I don’t know about you but I want to continue to dance like that…  and continue to write, learn, and grow from what I read.  Who knows?  With all the writing I’ve done of late, I just might get to live life three times over!

—Donna Karlin


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