Posted by: susanrmeyer | July 29, 2007

Music is Transformative

This was the opening remark from the stage. I am laying on my back on the green in the middle of Governor’s Island on the most perfect Saturday of the summer. The trees arch over my head, barked stripped from their trunks in patterns of browns and green that look like camouflage. The sky is bright blue with a few wisps of white. There is a gentle breeze wafting over the picnickers.

Then, Richie Havens appears. I am immediately transformed briefly into a much younger women, sitting under a poncho in a muddy field in Bethel, then back to my present self simply transfixed and transformed by the music.

The other listeners are transformed as well. They are smiling and listening. There is none of the usual cross-conversation. No one is wandering. No one stands in front of seated listeners. And the music takes us all to a place where anything – and everything – is possible.

I return from this trip as renewed as after a vacation.  Music is transformative indeed.


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