Posted by: natalietm | July 21, 2007

Transmogrificational Girlfriends

As I stood in line at Barnes and Noble last night just before midnight waiting for the release of the final Harry Potter book, transformation, or transmogrification as the case may be, was evidenced all around me. The Polish family of 4 with the T-shirts standing behind me, the stern but friendly police officer allowing only certain #’s through the door at a time, the birth to (at least) 80’s crowd, highlighted the obvious transformations in what we used to deem “the generation gap” and “the cultural gap”.

Those gaps have been steadily closing over the past several years, as our philosophies of “children should be seen……” and “youth is wasted on the young” as well as “if you’re not with us you’re against us” have shifted. Elders have a greater respect for youth and diversity, it seems, and youngsters are inclined to have a conversation with any age as well as cultural group…….at least in the Harry Potter line.

Did J.K. Rowling have any idea how memetic her literary efforts, beginning on a napkin in a cafe, were? How the timing of this phenomenon was perfectly attuned to the epoch of cultural and generational convergence? Do any of us truly understand this when we take on a project that excites us?

Transformation happens. And in our current time/space continuum, at an increasingly rapid pace. What we don’t know today will take far less time for us to know in the future than it did 30 years ago. (Did you follow that? If not, wait for it……… will). Thrilling stuff. The Muggles I spent time with last night seemed to understand that in a subtle yet profound way.

Onward and upward, transmogrificational girlfriends, and friends of girlfriends, and friends of friends of girlfriends…………………


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