Posted by: donnakarlin | July 17, 2007

Transformational to say the least…

As Susan Meyer talks about Transformational Learning, I reflect on how the week I spent with my colleagues / friends / collaborators and partners in crime, taught me so many things in a multitude of ways.  All were transformational.  

I learned about my colleagues, what made them tick, what they were passionate about as well as learned more about myself as my ideas and thoughts were mirrored back to me by intelligent, ‘with-it’, amazing professionals who cut to the chase and filled in the blanks for me.

And now the work begins.  Formats for events, labs, solution machines and dialogue.  That’s for starters.  Then comes programs, product and ideas that will transform people, us included, one concept at a time.  We commited to supporting each other, in different time lines, geographical locations, permutations and combinations of players, and as we learn more about each other and grow into and deepen our mastery in our professions there will be no stopping us, or anyone else who works with us for that matter.  Of that I have no doubt.

And if there’s something specific you want to throw at us, then go for it.  With so many creative minds I can almost guarantee what we come up with will blow you away!

—Donna Karlin


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